Proposal Review Timeline

February 15-March 1:
Proposals are in review

April 15: Proposal decision emails go out and will include date/time assignments

April 15-May 5: Presenters with accepted proposals must accept or decline their presentation. The deadline is May 5 at 5pm CDT to complete this task. If you do not accept your presentation by this time, we will assume you are declining your presentation.

To accept or decline your presentation, please follow these instruction:

- Log into Hubb.
- Click on the “My Sessions” tab
- Click on a session title you would like to accept or decline.
- Click on “Edit,” located on the right hand side.
- Scroll down, and you will see two radio buttons, one to accept and one to decline.
- Once you click your choice, please be sure to click “save” at the bottom of the page.

June 1-June 15: Portal open to make changes to presentations. This is the ONLY time presentations can be changed in any way. The only other changes before or after this time period will be cancellations.

Session Edits:
- You will have the opportunity to edit your program description and listed presenters between June 1 and June 15 at 5pm CDT only via Hubb. The only changes that may be made after this date are cancellations.
- Authors are responsible for making changes, not the committee.
- Changes to authors—adding or removing authors or changing author order, and minor edits to the title are the only changes permitted.

July 1: Lead presenter must be registered for conference

August 1: All other presenters must be registered for conference

Additional Important Information
- As you agreed to when you submitted your proposal, no changes to your presentation day/time can be made.
- No requests will be honored to have your sessions on a particular day/time
- Individuals can be listed on two peer-reviewed presentations during the regular conference session only (ACES INFORM is not included in the two session limit). If a person is listed on more than two presentations, the presentation is subject to cancellation.
- The lead presenter must be an ACES member. Please check your ACA account ( to determine whether you are an ACES member. If you are not an ACES member, you will receive an email prompting you to join no later than July 1, otherwise your proposal will be cancelled.
- The lead presenter must be registered for the conference by July 1, otherwise your proposal will be cancelled.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact: